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A motivational speaker is a professional who makes speeches with the intention of lifting up, inspiring and motivating their audience.

A motivational speaker will have the ability to present their knowledge of a topic and at the same time keep it fun and lively. A professional speaker may include the audience in their presentation knowing this is a great way to engage the audience and keep them interested. This method makes the audience feel part of the speech and facilitates the learning process.

Orlando Speakers Bureau has a network of hundreds of Speakers that use life experiences to inspire and motivate their audience. Our eclectic list of motivational speakers, include hundreds of experienced professionals known both for their life achievements and their speaking prowess.

If you require a professional motivational speaker to fire up your sales force, provide spark to your business meeting, energize a fundraiser, or simply leave a lasting impression on your audience, we can help.

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  • Hall of Fame Coach

    Former head coach of the Miami Dolphins and winningest coach in NFL history. On July 25, 1997, Don Shula capped an illustrious career when he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. Shula's unanimous election to the Hall was the ultimate honor in a career full of record-setting accomplishments.

    Don Shula
    Don Shula Speaker
  • Communications & Leadership Expert

    Nationally Certified Astrologer DIANA BROWNSTONE’s forecasts have been spot on! The Triple Conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto ushers in the Great Awakening. How to prepare for the financial shock wave that WILL affect you. We will look at the major players’ charts, The Brilliant Barbault Index from 2020-2030, the 2020 Eclipses and the Venus retrograde. On National TV, The Today Show, The Merideth Vieira Show,, NCGR, NY/FL New Life Expo, The Astrological Society of Princeton NJ.

    Amanda Gore
    Amanda Gore Speaker
  •  Leadership Expert

    Best-selling author, expert on outstanding leadership and management practices. What would happen if men and women spent more than 75% of each day on the job using their strongest skills and engaged in their favorite tasks, basically doing exactly what they wanted to do?

    Marcus Buckingham
    Marcus Buckingham Speaker
  • Branding & Communication Expert

    You may have experienced personal coach and consultant Libby Gill on the Today Show, CBS Early Show, CNN , Fox News, NPR , or the Dr. Phil Show. Or perhaps you've read about her work in Time Magazine, O Magazine, or Self. Libby is an expert at personal development – in life and career.

    Libby Gill
    Libby Gill Speaker
  • Motivation & Leadership Expert

    A fresh & funny approach to Motivational Speaking." Jay Leno says this about Ross. "Finally a motivational speaker without the speech. Ross Shafer is one of the funniest guys I know." With the success of his book, "NOBODY MOVED YOUR CHEESE!" Ross has been called, "America's Accountability Watchdog.

    Ross Shafer
    Ross Shafer Speaker
  •  Hall of Fame Coach

    Ditka is one of only two men to have won a Super Bowl as a player, assistant coach, and head coach. He is also one of only four head coaches to have recorded over 100 coaching victories in only ten seasons.

    Mike Ditka
    Mike Ditka Speaker
  • World Champion Cyclist

    Seven time winner of the Tour de France, two time Olympian cycling in both the 1992 and 1996 Olympics, renowned humanitarian, and cancer survivor. Lance Armstrong is the embodiment of all that defines inspiration.

    Lance Armstrong
    Lance Armstrong Speaker
  • Astronaut

    Fourth man in history to set foot on the moon (Apollo 12); Commander Skylab Mission II: Accomplished Artist and Motivational Speaker.

    Alan Bean
    Alan Bean Speaker
  • The Quintessential Quarterback

    Bart Starr set the standard as an NFL quarterback and humanitarian. Starr led the Green Bay Packers to five World Championships and to victory in the inaugural two Super Bowls, earning MVP honors in both. He was NFL Man of the Year in 1969 and named Player of the Decade in 1970.

    Bart Starr
    Bart Starr Speaker
  • Psychotherapist Expert

    Anthony Galie is a psychotherapist, author of the book "Take Control of Your Subconscious Mind," lecturer, and professional trainer on the "Subconscious Aspects of Business."

    Anthony Galie
    Anthony Galie Speaker
  • Business & Leadership Expert

    Rising from garbage collector to Wall Street executive, Alan Parisse uses his diverse life experience to deliver relevant messages on leadership, sales, and cycles of change to executives, managers, marketing and sales teams throughout the world.

    Alan Parisse
    Alan Parisse Speaker
  • Hall of Fame Quarterback

    Joe Montana, selected by the San Francisco 49ers in the third round of the 1979 NFL draft, had a stellar career with the 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs. A master of late-game comebacks, Montana directed his teams to victories in four Super Bowls.

    Joe Montana
    Joe Montana Speaker