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Fee: $7,500 - $10,000

Topics: Motivation, Performance Improvement, Human Resources/Labor Relations, Communication, Strategic Planning, Teamwork/Teambuilding

Industry specialties: Communication, Corporate

Travels from: FL

member of NSAUS

member of IFFPS


Anthony Galie

Psychotherapist, Author, Columnist,Trainer

Anthony Galie is a psychotherapist, author of the book "Take Control of Your Subconscious Mind," lecturer, and professional trainer on the "Subconscious Aspects of Business." He is a three time speaker at the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table, one of a very few accorded that honor. And in 2006 he was named one of "The 26 Hottest" speakers by Successful Meetings Magazine.

His "Visionary Thinking" and "Hypnotic Goal-Setting" presentations are the perfect blend of entertainment and education. The most common comments from meeting and convention planners are " He had my group spellbound with serious, transferrable information that helped them improve their business performance and I haven't laughed that hard in years"

Anthony has a BA degree in Psychology from Rutgers University, he also attended Florida Atlantic University for his Master's Degree. In addition to his own practice as a psychotherapist, he has published numerous articles in leading trade and industry journals. For over 27 years, he has helped motivate many of the country's leading corporations including FedEx, Sears, Merrill-Lynch, Prudential and Bell South, among others.

Tony Galie brings a new approach to an old problem: how to get and stay motivated over a long period of time. Most people are only able to stay focused on their goals for a few days at a time - any longer than that and their performance begins to drop. In the absence of repeated, external reinforcement it is difficult to remain enthusiastic and properly motivated.

The techniques shown in Tony's presentation are exactly designed to eliminate this problem and smooth out personal performance. Through a series of hands-on, easy to learn, and effective techniques, each participant is shown how to focus on their goals. But, more importantly, each attendee is given the tools to accomplish them. Tony will share with you his winning techniques for internalizing goals.


Visionary Thinking

1 to 2 hour program:Why are the ultra-high performers in our culture called "Visionaries". What are the elements of their thinking and behavior that can be learned and duplicated by others. Anthony takes you on a trip into your own subconscious mind to learn these techniques. Having spent years as a Psychotherapist researching how the subconscious mind operates, his amazingly insightful presentation will have your convention clammering for more. Each talk is custom designed to suit the audiences needs. Want a speaker who will truly leave your audience spellbound? There is nothing like this anywhere else on the speaking circuit. This talk can also be combined with Anthony's Hypnotic demonstration to create an unforgettable event.

 Hypnotic Goal-Setting

1 to 2 hour program: A demonstration of the awesome power of your subconscious mind. With actual volunteers from the audience, Tony guides you through a series of visualization techniques that must be seen to be believed. This is the one that your group will be talking about for months afterwards. Fun and extremely entertaining, your group will leave with an effective tool that can be used to improve many aspects of their lives. This presentation is excellent for conventions, sales rallies, banquets and luncheons.

Just Do It!
2 to 4 hour program. This interactive presentation culminates with each attendee creating their own personalized goal scripts. Combining the best of Tony's all-day program in an abbreviated format, you can custom-design a presentation to fit your group or service organization's specific business targets.

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